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Welcome to the NANS Residents and Fellows and Young Neuromodulators Section! Here you will find resources dedicated to residents, fellows, students and young neuromodulators interested in or training in the field of neuromodulation. In addition to fellowship and job listings, we provide opportunities for education, conferences, and courses. We encourage you to become a member, get involved, and explore what NANS has to offer!

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The North American Neuromodulation Society Residents and Fellows Section-Young Neuromodulators is looking to establish leadership positions for 2022. The deadline to submit nomination materials is Thursday, March 31, 2022 at 11:59pm EST. We are currently accepting applications for the following four positions: Vice Chair of RFS, Mentorship Liaison, Research Liaison, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer

To apply for one or more of the positions listed please send your nomination materials to Adrianna Siebenaler at  Please include: 

  • Name
  • PGY-year and position (PGY-4, Chief Resident)
  • Training program (UCLA)
  • Board position in consideration
  • CV
  • A brief statement of your goals and qualifications for the committee position
  • Attendees of the 2022 NANS Annual Meeting can claim CME credits. 
  • Attendees of the 2022 NANS Annual Meeting can receive online access to view presentations! Access presentations with your NANS login credentials. Attendees will only be able to view presentations based on their registration. 
  • To access any of the NANS Past Meeting content you must be a NANS Member. To view this content please log into My Account and click on the Past Meetings tab. If you are not a member and are interested in obtaining this educational content please become a NANS Member today. Residents and Fellows have a discounted membership rate of $50.

As a Trainee/Student member, you are eligible for valuable benefits that far exceed the $50 annual membership fee, including:
  • Preference to the annual and mid-year Hands-On Cadaver Courses, which are only available to NANS members. This unbiased course represents all device manufacturers with intimate teaching by world-class faculty.
  • Access to the online version and resources of our society’s journal Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface.
  • Membership in the International Neuromodulation Society by courtesy.
  • Eligibility for travel awards to attend the NANS Annual Meeting.
  • Mentorship from a group of highly accomplished, multidisciplinary neuromodulation thought leaders, including contact information of mentors in NANS and access to a summary of landmark papers.
  • Networking & Employment opportunities to secure your future.
  • Opportunities to become involved in a growing, state-of-the-art association.
As current residents and fellows, we personally feel that NANS membership has proved invaluable to our professional development. No other organization gives you more of the support you need to advance your career than NANS! Click here to join NANS now.

residentfellowlogoMultimedia archived from the NANS Past Annual Meetings can be found here. Please log into your NANS account to view this content.

Clinical Case Series

Please see below for eight clinical cases that have been created for the NANS Clinical Case Discussion Series. Although there may be some case by case variation by topic, each case follows a standardized format that is meant to highlight core educational concepts within neuromodulation that are relevant to Fellows and Residents in training. These cases were created by RFS board members as well as those Fellows participating in the Mentorship program. Each case was carefully reviewed and created in conjunction with a NANS faculty mentor.

  1. FBSS Case
  2. DRG for PHN
  3. Neuropathic Pain Case
  4. Occipital Neuralgia Case
  5. Arulkumar Explant Case
  6. Anticoagulation in SCS
  7. Chronic Pelvic Pain
  8. IDDS for Cancer Pain

Visual Abstract Series

Click the links below to view our visual abstract series. Our visual abstracts, released each month through our Twitter account, summarize new key articles published within the neuromodulation space.

  1. Effective Relief of Pain and Associated Symptoms with Closed-Loop Spinal Cord Stimulation System
  2. Sensor-Driven Position-Adaptive Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain
  3. 10KHZ HF SCS Effective for Chronic Low Back Pain: A 24 Month Study
  4. SCS Intervention Decreased or Stabilized Opioid Usage at 1-Year Post-Implant
  5. SCS Frequency Study
  6. IDDS vs. CMM for Refractory Cancer Pain
  7. Efficacy of Cooled Radiofrequency Ablation in the Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis
  8. A Multicenter Study Evaluating DRG Stimulation and Predictors for Trial Success
  9. The Cost Effectiveness of SCS in the Treatment of FBSS
  10. Safety and Efficacy of Peripheral Electrical Stimulation to Treat Chronic Pain
  11. Multicolumn SCS for Predominant Back Pain in FBSS Patients
  12. SCS Infection Rate and Risk Factors: Results from a United States Payer Database
  13. Percutaneous PNS Provides Sustained Relief in the Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain
  14. 10KHZ HF SCS Effective for Chronic Low Back Pain: A 24 Month Study
  15. Sensor-Driven Position-Adaptive Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain
  16. Effective Relief of Pain and Associated Symptoms with Closed-Loop Spinal Cord Stimulation System
  17. Burst SCS for Limb and Back Pain
  18. PROCO-RCT Frequency & Analgesia in SCS
  19. Neurostimulation for Chronic Pain and Ischemic Diseases: Consenus Recommendations



Implantation of a Baclofen Pump

Implantation of Thoracic SCS

Knot Tying Videos (courtesy of Antimated Knots)

One-handed Tie

Two-handed Tie

Surgeon's Knot

NANS SCS Workshop for Fellows/Residents Video Presentations:

(Warning these links access some rather large video files, they may take a while to download)

Vagus Nerve Stimulation

The Mechanics of Programming for DBS

Programming DBS for Parkinson's Disease

Below are educational resources offered by system manufacturers directed towards patients. You may find it useful not only to direct your patients to these websites, but also to use them for your own understanding of each implantable system.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Boston Scientific
Control your Pain

Living with Chronic Pain

St. Jude Medical
Discovering Neurostimulation

Intrathecal Baclofen Pump Therapy

Living with Chronic Pain

Deep Brain Stimulation

Living with Parkinson’s Disease

Vagus Nerve Stimulation

VNS Therapy for Epilepsy

meetings & Practical Courses:

Save the Date! NANS 2023 Annual Meeting January 12-15, 2022 at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, NV.

NANS September Cadaver Lab on September 22-23, 2022 in Las Vegas.

Fellowship Directory

View our Fellowship Directory to see a list of institutions, fellowship coordinators, and their contact information.

Pain management

American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians website

Pain Management Employment Resources


AANS Career Center website

CNS Jobseeker's website

RFS Officers

Preet Patel, MD

Legacy Co-Chair

preet patel

Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine
Rutgers University – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Neal Shah, MD


Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)
Fellowship at Rush University Medical Center

Ankur A. Patel, DO

Vice Chair

New York Presbyterian Hospital - Columbia and Cornell

Wenyu Pan, MD


University of Chicago Medical Center

Samantha Erosa, MD

Diversity & Inclusion Officer

PM&R, Pain Medicine
New York Presbyterian Hospital - Columbia and Cornell; University of California San Diego

Casey Butler, MD

Mentorship Liaison

Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine
University of Oklahoma
Mayo Rochester

Edward Podgorski, MD

Education Liaison

Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine
UT MD Anderson

Jay Karri, MD MPH

Research Liaison

PM&R, Pain Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine
Johns Hopkins University

Amir Ahmadian, DO

Chief Technology Officer

PM&R, Pain Medicine
UT San Antonio Pain Medicine Fellowship

Jay M. Shah, MD

RFS Director-at-Large

PM&R, Pain Medicine
SamWell Institute of Pain Management, New Jersey

Michael A. Fishman, MD MBA

Pre-Meeting Course Director
RFS Director-at-Large
Board of Directors

Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine
Center for Interventional Pain & Spine

Chris Welber, MBA

Executive Director


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