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Recently, NANS partnered with 11 other medical specialty societies to send letters to both Novitas and First Coast containing comments on their proposed Local Coverage Determinations for Percutaneous Vertebral Augmentation for Vertebral Compression Fractures, DL35130 and DL34976, respectively.

Click here to view a copy of the Multisociety Comment Letter on Proposed LCD DL35130 to Novitas.

Click here to view the Multisociety Comment Letter on Proposed LCD DL34976 to First Coast.

NANS, along with nine other medical specialty societies, convened to review and comment on the Oregon Health Authority's Public Health Division's proposed regulations that would expand opportunities for advanced practice providers to supervise procedures performed under fluoroscopic guidance. 

To see a copy of the submitted Position Statement on Prerequisite Training for the Performance of Spine Interventions as well as the AMA's Pain Management Practice Parameter (H-410.950), click HERE.

The NANS Advocacy and Policy Committee, on behalf of the membership, recently submitted comments to the CMS focusing on the CMS Physician Fee Schedule and ASC/HOPD Fee Schedule Proposals for 2020. NANS applauds the efforts of CMS to incentivize non-opioid treatment options in order to reduce the scale of the opioid crisis facing this company. For this reason, NANS strongly encouraged CMS to facilitate chronic pain patient access to opioid alternative treatments. NANS’ comments also emphasized that assigning inappropriately low work and practice expense relative value units (RVUs) to non-opioid options, such as injections, ablations, pain reservoir analysis and refills would contradict this effort. All these pain services are clinically efficacious alternative to opioids for pain management.

NANS believes it is critical that CMS adopt revised global period RVUs if they move forward with implementing increases to office visit Evaluation and Management codes in CY 2021. NANS’ comments also include a request for CMS to revoke the proposal to remove Medicare billing privileges without adding greater transparency and appeal processes for physicians having their privileges reviewed. Lastly, NANS requests that CMS maintain the current assignment of interspinous spacer devices to its current, CY 2019, APC assignment of 5116 rather than reassigning to APC 5115 as proposed for CY 2020.

To see a copy of "Comments to CMS on Proposed Physician Fee Schedule for 2020," click HERE

To see a copy of "Comments to CMS on Proposed ASC/HOPD Fee Schedule for 2020," click HERE.

You have recently heard that NANS, through our Advocacy and Policy Committee, has been collaborating with 6 other specialty societies (AAPM, ASA, ASRA, ASIPP,AAPMR, SIS) and legal counsel over the past several months to provide joint comments on MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System) and APM’s (Alternative Payment Models). We, along with the other participating societies submitted extensive comments regarding the proposed MACRA legislation on behalf of the participating pain community and our membership on June 27, 2016. An additional letter was also crafted and submitted with guidance and support from the American Medical Association (AMA). We wanted to provide you with a copy of the submitted letters for your reference. 

To see the AMA-coordinated letter, click HERE

To see the Multisociety letter, click HERE.

NANS was alerted to a request from The Senate Finance Committee to provide comments  specifically addressing if program incentives can be used to promote pain management that may minimize the risk of becoming addicted to opioids. The Senate Finance Committee also asked for recommendations that could expand access to treatment and prevention. AdvaMed & MDMA are also providing comments. The Advocacy and Policy Committee agreed to submit a comment letter to The Senate Finance Committee in response to their request. NANS members can access a copy of this comment letter.

To see a copy of the comment letter, click HERE.

The RUC Survey Process

The NANS Advocacy and Policy Committee has prepared a memo to all members with an overview and understanding of how the RUC survey process works and why it is important for NANS members to participate. NANS has formal seats on the RUC and CPT boards, and this is one of the activities we are able to participate in.

NANS Press Release Regarding Opioid Alternatives

NEW- North American Neuromodulation Society Issues Response To California Division Of Workers' Compensation (DWC) Order to Discontinue Coverage of Non-Opioid Treatment Options for Chronic Pain

California Pain Specialists and Chronic Pain Patients to Advocate for Continued Access to Non-Opioid Treatment Options under the Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC)

Articles of Interest

NANS at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019

NANS was excited to partner with the CES at the start of 2019. View our panel, moderated by NANS Secretary Steven Falowski, MD, at the Digital Health Summit. The panel discussion focused on neuromodulation and the advancements in medical technology.

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