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Women in Neuromodulation

The Women in Neuromodulation (WIN®) section was formed to educate, inspire and encourage women working in the field of neuromodulation, regardless of medical specialty, to realize their professional and personal goals and to serve the discipline in addressing the issues inherent to training and maintaining a diverse and balanced workforce.

We invite physicians, mid-level providers, students and industry personnel who work in the field of Neuromodulation or are interested in neuromodulation to join us. NANS members can enroll in our mailing list by contacting Adrianna Siebenaler at

WIN Mission Statement:

To educate, inspire and encourage women in neuromodulation of multiple medical specialties, to realize their professional and personal goals and to serve the discipline in addressing the issues inherent to training and maintaining a diverse and balanced workforce.

Women in Neuromodulation, herein referred to as “WIN,” is structured to promote the common interests as it relates to the education, scientific/clinical achievement and leadership of woman in neuromodulation. The function is to:

  • Provide a forum wherein women in neuromodulation can consider, discuss and share current knowledge and information in the medical field of neuromodulation and related subjects;
  • Sponsor meetings, forums and educational seminars addressing neuromodulation and related subjects;
  • Sponsor the publication of written material in the field of neuromodulation and related subjects;
  • Develop and disseminate policy statements to heighten public awareness of issues associated with neuromodulation;
  • Enhance public and professional recognition of neurosurgery as a medical specialty;
  • Facilitate and enhance the role of women in neuromodulation through the above-specified and any other related purposes;
  • Advise the parent organization regarding issues concerning women as neuromodulation specialist and of activities related to such issues by other individuals, groups or agencies;
  • Represent the parent organization, at their discretion, at meetings or conferences pertaining to matters related to neuromodulation, especially as related to women.

The Section of Women in Neuromodulation will abide by the bylaws and mission of its parent organization, NANS - North American Neuromodulation Society.

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Lisa Stearns, MD (1958-2020) was one of the world’s experts in interventional therapy for cancer pain, and the foremost one on intrathecal drug delivery systems for cancer pain. Dr. Stearns sought out to raise awareness that pain management can “build a bridge back to life.” She saw that many chronic pain and cancer patients did not receive the proper care they needed and often felt neglected throughout the treatment process. Dr. Stearns made it her life’s work to improve her patients’ function and overall quality of life, caring not only for her patients but their families and caregivers as well.

Dr. Stearns was a valiant warrior in the fight against cancer pain. Courageous, stubbornly committed, and always compassionate, she was one of the heroes in the epidemic of pain and suffering. She was a co-founder and executive committee member of the Cancer Pain Research Consortium, a group of doctors from across the world working to find the latest and best treatments for cancer-related pain.

It is truly rare to find someone who was so well regarded in all areas. She was an inspiration, a mentor, and a true hero.

The North American Neuromodulation Society and the Women in Neuromodulation (WIN®) established the Lisa Stearns Award to encourage clinical and scientific work in cancer pain interventional therapies and neuromodulation. The award is given to honor the legacy of Dr. Lisa Stearns and is accompanied by a $1,500 grant, generously provided by Medtronic, Inc.

We are happy to share the success story of Dr. Rosa M. Navarro, dedicated NANS Member and a past Chair of WIN.


Immediate Past Chair
Magdalena Anitescu, MD PhD

Kiran Patel, MD

Jessica Jameson, MD

Stephanie Vanterpool, MD MBA


NANS Liaison
Julie Pilitsis, MD PhD

Gianna Casini, MD

Mallory Hacker, PhD

Lisa Ramirez-Kroopf, MD

Alison Weisheipl, MD

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