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The following abstracts are provided to update practice information within the specialty of neuromodulation.  We hope you find them helpful and your feedback is appreciated.

1. Polyanalgesic Consensus Conference 2012: recommendations for the management of pain by intrathecal (intraspinal) drug delivery: report of an interdisciplinary expert panel. Deer,T., Prager, J., Levy, R., Rathmell, J., Buchser, E., Burton, A.,…Mekhail, N.

2. Polyanalgesic Consensus Conference 2012: recommendations to reduce morbidity and mortality in intrathecal drug delivery in the treatment of chronic pain. Deer, T., Levy, R., Prager, J., Buchser, E., Burton, A., Caraway, D.,…Mekhail, N.

3. Polyanalgesic Consensus Conference 2012: consensus on diagnosis, detection, and treatment of catheter-tip granulomas (inflammatory masses). Deer, T., Prager, J., Levy, R., Rathmell, J., Buchser, E., Burton, A.,…Mekhail, N.

4. Best Practices for Intrathecal Drug Delivery for Pain. (2014) Prager, J., Deer, T., Levy, R., Bruel, B., Buchser, E., Caraway, D.,…Stearns, L.

5. Accuracy of Template-Guided Refill Technique of Intrathecal Pumps Controlled by Fluoroscopy: An Observational Study. (2014) Maino, P., Koetssier, E., & Perez, R.

6. Preoperative bathing or showering with skin antiseptics to prevent surgical site infection. (2015) Webster, J. & Osborne. S.

7. Infectious complications related to intrathecal drug delivery system and spinal cord stimulator system implantations at a comprehensive cancer pain center. (2013) Engle, M., Vinh, B.,  Harun, N., & Koyyalagunta, D.

8. Sacral nerve stimulation for the treatment of refractory voiding and bowel dysfunction. (2014) Noblett, K. & Cadish, L.

9. Single-lead perrcutaneous peripheral nerve stimulation for the treatment of shoulder pain from subacromial impingement syndrome. (2012) Wilson, R., Harris, M., Bennett, M., & Chae, J.

10. Current perspectives on deep brain stimulation for severe neurological and psychiatric disorders. (2015) Kocabicak, E., Temel, Y., Hollig, A., Falkenburger, B., & Tan, S.


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