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NANS Awards


Krishna Kumar New Investigator Award

Krishna Kumar, MBBS MS FRCSC (1931-2014) was a pioneer of neuromodulation and a world-recognized leader in the neurosurgical treatment of pain. Dr. Kumar led seminal studies in deep brain stimulation for chronic pain and established the safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of spinal cord stimulation. For five decades, he led a vibrant and highly recognized pain program in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. The documentary, "Living with Pain" highlighted Dr. Kumar’s research efforts and the biography published in 2010, Reaching the Impossible: Dr. Krishna Kumar’s Story, chronicled his life. Dr. Kumar served as a NANS board member and was a frequent lecturer at NANS Annual Meetings.

The North American Neuromodulation Society established the Kumar New Investigator Award to encourage scientific work in neuromodulation. The award is given to honor the legacy of Dr. Krishna Kumar and is accompanied by a $5,000 grant, generously provided by Medtronic, Inc. The awardee presents his or her winning manuscript during one of the Plenary Sessions at the Annual Meeting. 

To qualify for the 2021 Kumar Award, the investigator must have completed training in neuromodulation within the last 10 years.

Kumar Award Winners

Sridevi V. Sarma, PhD – “On the Therapeutic Mechanisms of Deep Brain Stimulation for Parksinson’s Disease: Why High Frequency?”

Casey H. Halpern, MD – "Amelioration of Binge Eating by Nucleus Accumbens Deep Brain Stimulation in Mice Involves D2 Receptor Modulation"

Scott Lempka, PhD – “Computational Analysis of Kilohertz Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain Management”

Dario J. Englot, MD PhD – “Altered Structural and Functional Connectivity of Brainstem Arousal Centers in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy”

Mallory L. Hacker, PhD – “Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation on Rest Tremor Progression in Early Stage Parkinson’s Disease”

Alik S. Widge, MD PhD – “Deep Brain Stimulation of the Internal Capsule Enhances Human Cognitive Control and Prefrontal Cortex Function”

Lifetime Achievement

The NANS Lifetime Achievement Award is intended to recognize an individual who has made significant and lasting contributions to the field of neuromodulation over the course of their career.

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

2002 – Prithvi Raj, MD; Gabor Racz MD
2006 – John Oakley, MD
2007 – Norman Shealy, MD PhD
2009 – Richard North, MD
2010 – Michael Stanton-Hicks, MD MBBS
2011 – Elliot Krames, MD
2012 – Bengt Linderoth, MD PhD; Joshua Prager, MD MS
2013 – Giancarlo Barolat, MD
2014 – Alim-Louis Benabid, MD PhD
2015 – Tony Yaksh, PhD
2018 – Robert Foreman, PhD
2019 – Peter Staats, MD MBA DABA ABIPP FIPP
2020 – Hunter Peckham, PhD

Distinguished Service

The NANS Distinguished Service Award is intended to recognize outstanding and dedicated service to the North American Neuromodulation Society. The award is presented to an individual who has advanced the mission of NANS in a significant and lasting way.

Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2005 – Sam J. Hassenbusch, MD
2011 – K. Dean Willis, MD
2013 – Robert Foreman, PhD
2014 – David Caraway, MD PhD
2017 – David Kloth, MD
2018 – Joshua Prager, MD MS
2019 – Richard North, MD
2020 – Jaimie M. Henderson, MD


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