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Neural Interfaces 2021: The NANS-NIC Joint Meeting

Neural Interfaces 2021: The NANS-NIC Joint Meeting

June 25-26, 2021 


The NANS-NIC Planning Committee is inviting session topic proposals for the upcoming virtual meeting on June 25-26, 2021.

The Neural Interfaces research community consists of investigators who are working in areas that include functional neuromuscular/electrical stimulation, auditory prosthesis, cortical prosthesis, deep brain stimulation, neuromodulation, microelectrode array technology, brain computer/machine interfaces, and other related areas. Sessions topics should address a diverse group of scientists, engineers, and clinicians, representing the basic and applied science aspects of neural interfaces.

The goal for the NANS-NIC Joint Meeting is to share new results impacting the field and address significant questions that the field faces. Thus, the NANS-NIC Planning Committee seeks proposals for topics driven by a set of key questions that, if resolved, would overcome major limitations and enable significant advances in the field. Proposals for session topics that merely survey recent progress and are structured to simply provide a high visibility forum for investigators are not encouraged.

Great sessions will combine speakers both inside and outside of the neural interfaces research community. Speakers will be selected and invited with the goal of answering the key questions for the session, so suggesting speakers with alternative views is encouraged.

Both individuals and groups may submit session topic proposals. The total time for each session is 75 minutes. There should be 45 minutes of prerecorded presentations (e.g. three 15-minute talks) followed by 30 minutes of live discussion.

To propose a session, you will be required to provide the following information:

  1. Session title
  2. Your name, contact information, and willingness to serve as the moderator of your proposed session
  3. Introduction to the problem (1 paragraph)
    • Explain the need and timeliness of the topic.
  4. Session goal (1-2 sentences)
  5. Set of driving questions that would be answered by this session (limit to 3-4 succinct questions)
  6. Envisioned format (e.g. individual presentations followed by a moderated discussion, panel discussion, or other) and an explanation for why you propose this format
  7. Potential speakers to address the session questions
    • Please include a brief statement of the speakers' expertise related to the questions as well as an electronic link to the potential speaker.

Please note: Only a limited number of topics can be covered in the time available. The final meeting agenda will be determined by the NANS-NIC Planning Committee from the most appropriate submissions. While you are required to propose potential speakers, the final speaker selection will also be decided by the NANS-NIC Planning Committee in collaboration with the session proposer.

Click here to view a session proposal example from a prior NIC meeting. 


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