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NANS APP Committee Webinar - Complex Neuromodulation Case Review: A Discussion with Expert APP Panel 

Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Time: 7pm-8pm CT / 8pm-9pm ET


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NANS Member: Free

Non-member: Free 


This webinar will open with a complex neuromodulation case presentation. A panel of expert APPs from various subspecialties will discuss how they would approach the case with the audience. Along the way, the audience members can interact with panelists to ask questions, engage in discussion, etc. 

Target Audience

This webinar is designed for advanced practice providers. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to: 
1, Describe approaches to troubleshoot failure of spinal cord stimulator therapy.   
2. List patient risk factors impacting the decision of whether to implant a neuromodulation device (spinal cord stimulators, deep brain stimulators, etc.) 
3.Explain treatment options for the management of tremors. 

Chelsey Hoffman, PA-C, MS, RD

Camilla Binks, FNP 
Bryan Johnson, PA-C 
Ashley Mears, PA 


The opinions expressed in this educational activity are those of the faculty and do not necessarily represent the views of the NANS. This educational activity does not endorse one particular type of instrumentation, nor is it intended to dictate an exclusive course of management. It presents one of numerous recognized methods of clinical practice for consideration by physicians for incorporation into their practices. Variations of practice taking into account the needs of the individual patient, resources, and limitations unique to the institution or type of practice may be appropriate. Disclosure about patient confidentiality, standards of care, or course of management does not imply endorsement or disapproval of products.

Please note: It is recognized that the use of non-FDA approved devices is described in some of the published material, but these techniques are often the standard of care and may be of value to the patients we serve.


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