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Mission Statement

The mission of the North American Neuromodulation Society’s Education Committee is to promote and maintain the highest levels of care for the therapeutic modalities we use to help people afflicted from a variety of neurological conditions. We create and support learning opportunities for neuromodulators, through written, virtual, and practical teaching sessions that improve awareness of recommended standards in safety and efficacy. Through continual efforts by esteemed faculty and the top practitioners in our field from around the world, we review and expand upon the knowledge base for the field. Promoting innovation through clinical research and technological advancement helps to ensure improvement of treatment for the future.


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Have access to recordings of specific sessions from the NANS 25th Annual Meeting. 

NEW! Educational Resources for Neuromodulation Therapies

Education Committee members Drs. Anuj Bhatia MD, Jay Karri MD, and Pranab Kumar MD have put together a list of existing educational resources for neuromodulation therapies. The document is divided into sections: DBS, VNS, IDDS, SCS, DRG, PNS, Non-Invasive neuromodulation therapies, and miscellaneous. Each section has a resource list for books, review articles, guidelines, and most cited publications. 

View the document here.

Development of an Educational Curriculum for Spinal Cord Stimulation

The NANS Education Committee created a multidisciplinary task force, consisting of anesthesiology, physical medicine, neurosurgery, and neurology specialties, to develop an SCS curriculum following the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) milestones. Milestones included patient care and procedural skills, systems-based practice, medical knowledge, interpersonal communication, practice-based learning, and professionalism. Each milestone was defined for three categories: Early learner, advanced learner, and practitioner.
Congratulations to Drs. Alaa Abd‐Elsayed, Rany Abdallah, Steven Falowski, Gassan Chaiban, Adam Burkey, Konstantin Slavin, Maged Aziz, and Education Committee Chair, Dr. Ahmed Raslan. Read the published SCS Curriculum.

Upcoming Projects

  • Intrathecal Drug Delivery Curriculum
  • Series of Educational Webinars



Rany T. Abdallah, MD PhD MBA

Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine

Medical Director - Southern Delaware

Center for Interventional Pain & Spine



Ahmed Raslan, MD


Medical Director of Neuroscience Quality, OHSU Healthcare

Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery, School of Medicine

Oregon Health & Science University



Alaa Abd-Elsayed, MD MPH

Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine

Medical Director, UW Pain Services

University of Wisconsin—Madison


MARK N. MALINOWSKI, DO                           

Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine

Adena Health System




Hemant Kalia, MD MPH                           

Pain Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Program Director, Interventional Spine & Pain Fellowship Program

Rochester Regional Health




Adam R. Burkey, MD MSCE FAAN                           

Neurology, Pain Management

Medical Director

Anesis Spine & Pain Care

NANS and CNS are excited to announce the launch of two new online products. These comprehensive SANS exams cover neuromodulation and its applications to spine stimulation techniques, patient selection and indications, practice management and integration, and the alignment of neuromodulation direction, guidelines, and goals within the community. Both exams are $75 for members and non-members.

If you are not a CNS member, create a non-member account to access the exams.

Exam I provides 25 questions to establish a baseline of neuromodulation knowledge.

Exam II is 25 questions evaluating knowledge gained from the additional NANS certification curriculum.

Educational Videos

Neuromodulation procedures have multiple layers of complexities. The videos presented here are part of an educational series which focus on the key aspects of surgical steps and techniques of the procedure. Videos include: Intrathecal Catheter Implantation, Dorsal Column SCS Lead Placement, Spinal Cord Stimulator IPG (Battery) Implant, and Intrathecal Programmable Pump Implant.
Members can view the videos here.

SCS Learning Modules

Recorded at the 2017 NANS Annual Meeting, the Spinal Cord Stimulation Learning Modules feature audio synchronized to the presenter’s slides/visual presentation. Members can view the presentations here.

NANS Educational Series, NACC and PACC Guidelines

The NANS Education Committee is committed to promoting the highest standards of care for the therapeutic modalities we use to help people afflicted from a variety of neurological conditions and our mission to create learning opportunities for neuromodulators.

The NANS Education Committee worked with leaders and experts from around the world to produce and record the educational modules listed here.

Reimbursement and billing practices

The NANS Education Committee has put together a resource on coding, billing, and medical necessity in regards to SCS, PNS, and programming. This is a valuable resource for anyone with questions on the most accurate billing practice. NANS members can view the presentation here.


Infusion Therapy: For Pain, Headache and Related Conditions, Alaa Abd-Elsayed, MD MPH

There is a significant gap in current knowledge about infusion therapy for treating different pain, headache and psychiatric conditions. Infusion therapy is now a common practice but there is considerable variation in how the therapy is implemented in different centers which can be both dangerous, if high doses are given, or ineffective, if low doses are given. This book provides a practical guide to infusion therapy for clinicians on how to safely and effectively perform this kind of therapy.

Pain: A Review Guide, Alaa Abd-Elsayed, MD MPH

This concise but comprehensive guide covers common procedures in pain management necessary for daily practice, and includes topics on international pain medicine curricula, for example, the American Board of Anesthesiology, World Institute of Pain/Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice, and American Board of Pain Medicine. Treatments for pain are discussed, including nerve blocks (head, neck, back, pelvis and lower extremity).

Prior Authorization Webinar

NANS past president, Dr. David Kloth, hosted an informative webinar on January 17, 2020, titled, “Prior Authorization Process for Neuromodulation Procedures.” This webinar examines prior authorization within the field of neuromodulation and explains how it can be utilized to help patients. Both doctors and prior authorization staff can benefit from watching this webinar. Click here to view the presentation.


WIKISTIM is a searchable database being populated with data published in the field of neuromodulation. The goals of WIKISTIM are to improve patient care and the quality of research reports, foster communication, reveal research needs, and support the practice of evidence–based medicine.

NANS Events   

  • Jan. 18-21, 2024

    NANS 2024 Annual Meeting #PatientsFirst
    Caesar's Palace
    Las Vegas, NV 

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