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The Digital Health Committee (DHC) focuses on standardizing data interfaces and data formats for seamless data collection and sharing across neuromodulation shareholders. To date, digital health efforts have covered electronic medical records and imaging. Neuromodulation brings additional levels of complexity: data collection from neuromodulation devices, standardization of imaging protocols, image processing, and visualization as well as population health monitoring and wearables. The DHC covers the guidelines for smooth technical integration between willing parties and related ethical, privacy, and legal considerations. Industry, regulators, physicians, payers, and patients all (will) rely on such data that, if standard and fluid will promote better care at lower costs while enabling the next generation of technologies.

Ali Rezai, MD (co-chair)

Pierre-Francois D’Haese, PhD (co-chair)

In November, the DHC joined the Rockefeller Neuroscience Insitute in organizing the Forum for Critical Issues in Digital Health with 40 key opinion leaders, representing industry, legal, policymakers, physicians, researchers, ethics leaders for 24h closed meeting. The first draft of the white paper has been written. We have decided to hold on to the paper’s release to amend it and include changes in privacy and HIPAA  following the COVID pandemic.

The Digital Health Committee is also represented in the MDEpiNet FDA-lead consortium for the design and development of the new generation of platforms to manage healthcare data and share it with the regulators. Dr. D’Haese is among the leading groups to bring blockchain traceability and AI as a cornerstone of the new system.

The Digital Health Committee is moving forward with the prototype plan to share adverse events collected by care providers to the industry and the regulators in a digital and traceable way.

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