North American Neuromodulation Society

Lead and Device Interface Committee

The Lead and Device Interface Committee is working to address the issue of standardizing implanted connector designs for neuromodulation devices, as has been done successfully for implanted cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators. Absent compatible connectors, simulator implantation and revision often are constrained, and thus safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness can be compromised. Connector standards will facilitate independent growth of expertise in the development of leads, implanted generators, power sources and user interfaces.

Following a face-to-face meeting with representatives from industry, regulatory bodies, and standards organizations in DC in 2018, we polled NANS membership and confirmed that there is wide support for standardization.  We are finalizing a manuscript for submission to Neuromodulation and planning a follow-up meeting in DC in 2020.

Clinical group

Richard North, MD (co-chair)
Peter Konrad, MD PhD (co-chair)
Konstantin Slavin, MD
Ashwini Sharan, MD
Parag Patil, MD PhD
Chris Schade, MD PhD


Ben Pless
Jack Judy, PhD
Joe Pancrazio, PhD

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