North American Neuromodulation Society

Institute of Neuromodulation (ION)     

ION Mission Statement

The Institute of Neuromodulation (ION) shall promote research and innovation to advance the field of Neuromodulation to improve health and quality of life for patients.


ION Vision Statement

  • Promote patient safety and appropriate access to neuromodulation therapies using the best evidence. 
  • Raise awareness of the benefits, cost-effectiveness and value of neuromodulation therapies.  
  • Improve the understanding of the mechanisms, expand the indications, and enhance the evidence base for neuromodulation therapies by supporting clinical, basic science and translational research.


Institute of Neuromodulation (ION) Bylaws

Learn more about ION's leadership or the ION Committees.


WIKISTIM is a searchable website created to 1) display primary clinical and experimental data reported in the neuromodulation literature in a format that is searchable and accessible, facilitates comparison and meta-analysis, and eliminates the “noise” of unnecessary narrative and 2) promote collaboration and sharing of information among clinicians, scientists, engineers, and others.

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