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NANS has several organized committees that work to accomplish the goals and mission of NANS. NANS encourages all members to become actively involved in one or more of our committees.

If you're interested in joining a committee, please e-mail the committee chair or the NANS office for more information.

Ellen Air, MD PhD, Co-Chair
Susan Moeschler, MD, Co-Chair
Lawrence Poree, MD, Co-Chair
Joshua M. Rosenow, MD FACS - AANS RUC, Co-Chair

Nebojsa Nick Knezevic, MD PhD, Abstracts

The Scientific Program Committee works on and develops content for the Annual Meeting.
Corey Hunter, MD, Co-Chair
Joshua P. Prager, MD MS, Co-Chair
Stephanie G. Vanterpool, MD MBA, Co-Chair

The Annual Meeting Planning Committee selects and reviews possible meeting venues and plans the logistics concerning the Annual Meeting.
January Cadaver Course Co-Chairs
Michael Hanes, MD; Kiran Patel, MD; Ahmed Raslan, MD; Ashwin Viswanathan, MD

Pump Course Chair
Michael Saulino, MD

I3 Chair
Ashwin Viswanathan, MD

The Annual Meeting Planning Committee selects and reviews possible meeting venues and plans the logistics concerning the Annual Meeting.
Peter Konrad, MD PhD, Chair

The Emerging Technology Assessment Committee promotes research and exploration of new and emerging technologies applicable to the field of Neuromodulation.
Todd Sitzman, MD MPH, Chair

The Bylaws Review Committee develops and reviews the society’s bylaws and governing documents.
David Provenzano, MD - Chair
Joshua M. Rosenow, MD FACS - AANS RUC, Co-Chair

The Advocacy and Policy Committee reviews and works on programs and projects related to promoting the field of Neuromodulation and ensuring appropriate patient access. The group also liaises with key stakeholders, including: industry, government institutions and other interested/related parties to advocate for Neuromodulation as a treatment modality.
Bryan Hoelzer, MD, Chair
Chen Wu, MD, Co-Chair

The Membership Committee actively promotes and recruits members to the society.
Marc Huntoon, MD, Chair
Ellen Air, MD PhD, Member
Todd Sitzman, MD, Member
2021 Officers
Magdalena Anitescu, MD PhD - Immediate Past Chair
Kiran Patel, MD - Chair
Jessica Jameson, MD - Chair-Elect
Stephanie Vanterpool, MD MBA - Secretary
Julie Pilitsis, MD PhD - NANS Liaison
Gianna Casini, MD - Member-at-Large
Mallory Hacker, PhD - Member-at-Large
Lisa Ramirez-Kroopf, MD - Member-at-Large
Alison Weisheipl, MD - Member-at-Large
The Women in Neuromodulation (WIN®) section was formed to educate, inspire and encourage women working in the field of neuromodulation, regardless of medical specialty, to realize their professional and personal goals and to serve the discipline in addressing the issues inherent to training and maintaining a diverse and balanced workforce.
Michael Hanes, MD
Linda Wolbers, MD
Heather Basara, MD
Rosa M. Navarro, MD
Erika Petersen, MD PhD
Kap Holloway, MD
Jacqueline Weisbein, MD
Sam Grodofsky, MD
Rany T. Abdallah, MD PhD MBA, Chair
Mark N. Malinowski, DO, Treasurer
Alaa A. Abd-Elsayed, MD MPH, Secretary

The mission of the North American Neuromodulation Society’s Education Committee is to promote and maintain the highest levels of care for the therapeutic modalities we use to help people afflicted from a variety of neurological conditions. We create and support learning opportunities for neuromodulators, through written, virtual, and practical teaching sessions that improve awareness of recommended standards in safety and efficacy. Through continual efforts by esteemed faculty and the top practitioners in our field from around the world, we review and expand upon the knowledge base for the field. Promoting innovation through clinical research and technological advancement helps to ensure improvement of treatment for the future.
Richard Rauck, MD, Chair

The Certification Committee oversees the development and implementation of educational and training programs. The committee is also working on the foundation of a practical exam that will focus on key criteria for neuromodulation practitioners.
Ellen Air, MD, PhD, Co-Chair
Corey Hunter, MD, Co-Chair

The Website Committee develops and provides content for the society’s webpage.
Salim Hayek, MD PhD, Chair
Peter Konrad, MD, PhD, Co-Chair
Julie Pilitsis, MD PhD, Co-Chair
2021 NANS RFS Officers:
Preet Patel, MD - Chair
Neal Shah, MD - Co-Chair
Ankur A. Patel, DO - Vice Chair
Wenyu Pan, MD - Secretary
Samantha Erosa, MD - Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Casey Butler, MD - Mentorship Liaison
Edward Podgorski, MD - Education Liaison
Jay Karri, MD MPH - Research Liaison
Amir Ahmadian, DO - Chief Technology Officer
NANS RFS Directors-at-Large / Advisory Board:
Michael A. Fishman, MD MBA - Pre-Meeting Course Director; Director-at-Large; Board of Directors
Jay M. Shah, MD - Director-at-Large

Learn about the Residents and Fellows Committee 

Here you will find resources dedicated to residents, fellows and students interested in or training in the field of neuromodulation. In addition to fellowship and job listings, we provide opportunities for education, conferences, and courses. 

Learn More

NANS Events   

  • Jan. 13-15, 2022

    NANS 25th Annual Meeting
    Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort
    Orlando, FL
    Learn more.

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