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2017 Annual Meeting Recordings

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Opioid Management

Opioids: What’s Next?
Daniel B. Carr, MD

Safe and Effective Opioid Prescribing in 2017: An Overview
Larry C. Driver, MD

Therapeutic Strategies to Address the Opioid Issue - Intrathecal Therapy and Alternatives
Joshua P. Prager, MD, MS

Intrathecal Pumps to Control Pain in Patients with Intractable Side Effects from Systemic Opioids
Daniel R. Kloster, MD

Association of Opioid Usage with Spinal Cord Stimulation Outcomes
Jonathan Riley, MD

Advances and Updates in Intrathecal Therapy

Intrathecal Bolus vs. Infusion: What Are the Principles Involved?
Kevin Tangen, PhD

Where Do We Stand with the Granuloma?
Tony Yaksh, PhD

Optimizing Targeted Intrathecal Drug Delivery in Cancer Pain
Shane E. Brogan, MB, BCh

PACC 2016: Trialing, Safety, and Complications
Jason E. Pope, MD, DABPM, FIPP

Advances and Updates in Spinal Cord Stimulation Therapy

Groundbreaking Clinical Study I: The First-in-Class Neuromodulation Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Yaakov Levine, PhD

Groundbreaking Clinical Study II: A Multi-Center, Prospective, Clinical Trial of the High Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation (HF-SCS) at 10 kHz in the Treatment of Chronic Upper Limb and Neck Pain
Kasra Amirdelfan, MD

Groundbreaking Basic Science: Electrophysiological Investigation of the Effects of 10Khz Spinal Cord Stimulation on the Excitability of Superficial Dorsal Horn Neurons in Experimental Pain Models in the Rat
Stephen B. McMahon, PhD

Burst Stimulation
Ricardo Vallejo, MD, PhD

Outcomes in 1 kHz Subperception Stimulation
James M. North, MD

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