North American Neuromodulation Society


NANS has several organized committees that work to accomplish the goals and mission of NANS. NANS encourages all members to become actively involved in one or more of our committees.

If you're interested in joining a committee, please e-mail the committee chair or the NANS office for more information.

Julie Pilitsis, MD, Chair
David Provenzano, MD, Abstract Co-Chair
Ricard Vallejo, MD, Abstract Co-Chair
Salim Hayek, MD, Advisor
Peter Konrad, MD, PhD, Advisor
Lawrence Poree, MD, Advisor
Parag Patil, MD, Advisor

The Scientific Program Committee works on and develops content for the Annual Meeting.
Jason Pope, Co-Chair
Steven Flalowski, MD, Co-Chair
Ashwini Sharan, MD, President

The Annual Meeting Planning Committee selects and reviews possible meeting venues and plans the logistics concerning the Annual Meeting.
Chen Wu, MD, RFS
Michael Fishman, MD, RFS
Bryan Hoelzer, MD, RFS
Vishad Sukul, MD, APP
Christy Gomez, NP, APP
Michael Saulino, MD, Pump
Erik Shaw, MD, Pump
Jason Pope, MD, COA
Steven Falowski, MD, COA
David Provenzano, MD, COA

The Annual Meeting Planning Committee selects and reviews possible meeting venues and plans the logistics concerning the Annual Meeting.
Peter Konrad, MD PhD, Chair
Clement Hamani, MD
Ali Rezai, MD
Nameer Haider, MD
Bob Buchanan, MD
Joshua Rosenow, MD
Mike Kaplitt, MD
Michael Gofeld, MD
Armando Vilarreal, MD
Eugene Kaplan, MD
Daniel DiLorenzo, MD, PhD

The Emerging Technology Assessment Committee promotes research and exploration of new and emerging technologies applicable to the field of Neuromodulation.
Todd Sitzman, MD, Chair
David Provenzano, MD

The Bylaws Review Committee develops and reviews the society’s bylaws and governing documents.
Jason Pope, Co-Chair
David Kloth, MD, Sr. Advisor
B. Todd Sitzman, MD
Haroon Hameed, MD, AMA Rep
Demean Freas, MD, RUC Rep
Peter Pahapill, MD
Joshua Rosenow, MD, RUC- Rep
Joshua Prager, MD
Phil Kim, MD
Maged Hamza, MD
Ray d'Amours, MD
Ben Venger, MD
Dawood Sayed, MD, CPT Rep
David Provenzano, MD, Co-Chair
Corey Hunter, MD, CPT Rep
Kevin Kelly, MD
Mehul Desai, MD, Legislative Fellow
Michael Fishman, MD
Vincent Galan, MD
Bryan Hoelzer, MD
Kiran Patel, MD
Robert Klickovich, MD
Timothy David, MD
Nameer Haider, MD, AMA Alternate

The Advocacy and Policy Committee reviews and works on programs and projects related to promoting the field of Neuromodulation and ensuring appropriate patient access. The group also liaises with key stakeholders, including: industry, government institutions and other interested/related parties to advocate for Neuromodulation as a treatment modality.
Julie Pilitsis, MD PhD, Co-Chair
Leo Kapural, MD PhD, Co-Chair
Lawrence Poree, MD, PhD
Salim Hayek, MD

The Membership Committee actively promotes and recruits members to the society.
Todd Sitzman, MD, Chair
Lawrence Poree, MD, PhD
Marc Huntoon, MD
David Kloth, MD
Lisa Stearns, MD, Past Chair
Jules Huang-Lionnet, MD, PhD, Chair
Jacqueline Weisbein, MD, Chair-elect
Julie Pilitsis, MD, PhD, Senior Advisor
Helena Gazelka, MD, Vice Chair of Operations
Jennifer Sweet, MD, Vice Chair of Education
Rosa M Navarro MD, Secretary
Magda Anistescu, MD Treasurer

Michael Hanes, MD
Linda Wolbers, MD
Heather Basara, MD
Rosa M Navarro MD
Jacqueline Weisbein, MD
Sam Grodofsky, MD
Konstantin Slavin, MD, Chair
Steven M. Falowski, MD
David A. Provenzano, MD
Jason E. Pope, MD
Sudhir Diwan, MD
Dawood Sayed, MD
Tim Lamer, MD
Eric Lee, MD
Susan Moeschler, MD
Andrew Shaw, MD
Mark Malinowski, MD
Rany Abdallah, MD PhD

The Education Committee reviews guidelines and makes suggestions regarding the use of Neuromodulation therapies. The committee also works on the development of various usage and practice guidelines.
Richard Rauck, MD, Chair
Alon Mogilner, MD, PhD
Julie Pilitsis, MD, PhD
Todd Sitzman, MD
Eric Lee, MD MA

The Certification Committee oversees the development and implementation of educational and training programs. The committee is also working on the foundation of a practical exam that will focus on key criteria for neuromodulation practitioners.
David Kloth, MD, Chair
Erika Petersen, MD FAAN, Co-Chair
Marcus Bendel, MD
Vishad Sukul, MD
Corey Hunter, MD

The Website Committee develops and provides content for the society’s webpage.
Lawrence Poree, MD, PhD, Chair
Ashwini Sharan, MD
2017-2018 NANS RFS Board:
Jay Shah, MD, Co-Chair
Andrew Lederman, MD, Co-Chair
Jonathan Eskenazi, MD, Vice-Chair
Preet Patel, MD, Secretary
Hersh Patel, MD MBA, Treasurer
Jesse Hochkeppel, MD, Education Liason
Prasad Shirvalkar, MD PhD, Technology and Innovation Officer
David J. Kim, MD MS, Research Co-Coordinator

NANS-RFS Directors-at-Large / Advisory Board:
Steven Falowski, MD
Michael A. Fishman, MD MBA
Sam Grodofsky, MD
Dipan Patel, MD
Jason Pope, MD
David Provenzano, MD
Eric Wise, MD
Chenguyan Wu, MD

Learn about the Residents and Fellows Committee 

Here you will find resources dedicated to residents, fellows and students interested in or training in the field of neuromodulation. In addition to fellowship and job listings, we provide opportunities for education, conferences, and courses. 

Learn More

Upcoming Events

  • April 22-28, 2017

    American Academy of Neurology
    Boston, Massachusetts

  • April 27-29, 2017

    The 2nd Annual Global Brain Health &
    Performance Summit
    Columbus, OH
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  • April 27-30, 2017

    FSIPP Annual Conference & Trade Show
    Orlando, FL

  • May 15–19, 2017

    AAPA 2017
    American Academy of Physician Assistants
    Las Vegas, NV

  • May 27- June 1, 2017

    International Neuromodulation Society
    13th World Congress
    Edinburgh, Scotland

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